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Use the V Card to gain access into the following venues in Vegas


Las Vegas NightClubs

The Las Vegas Strip is rapidly evolving into a party scene unlike anywhere else in the world. With the V Card, you can get complimentary V.I.P. access to some of the hottest and most exclusive nightclubs in Las Vegas. From multi leveled extravagant nightclubs, to the most intimate lounges and hidden getaways on the Strip, check out our list of all the top venues participating in the V Card program.

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Dayclubs & Pools

Vegas DayClubs & Pools

Pool Clubs in Las Vegas are as legendary as the city itself, having been featured on numerous T.V. shows and magazines from around the world. During the peak summer months, the Las Vegas Strip becomes one of the hottest dayclub destinations in the world. With the V Card you can get access to some of the hottest pool clubs in the city, all with no wait and absolutely no cover charge.

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Las Vegas Lounges

Lounges in Las Vegas are a classy way to escape from the hustle and bustle of the casino and club scene. Designed to create a peaceful ambiance a world away from the nightclubs, the lounges in Las Vegas never disappoint. With the V Card you can gain access to a number of intimate lounges, wild bars and ultra-lounges all located conveniently in and around the Las Vegas Strip.

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Gentlemen's Club

Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Experience the erotic side of Las Vegas and use your V Card to receive complimentary V.I.P. admission to some of the hottest gentlemen’s clubs in town. You and your party will also receive complimentary limo service to any of the listed venues below. Check individual club page for additional perks and offerings unique to each venue that you can only receive with the V Card.

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Flash and Save Offers

Flash and Save Offers

Across the city there are deals waiting for you! Flash your V Card and save some Cash! We've lined up some great offers to help you drink your way through the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas! From dive bars to chic boutiques, restaurants and watering holes, the list of insider hook-ups will only grow!

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Dayclubs & pools
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Ultra lounges
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Ultra Lounges

Strip clubs
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Deja vu Showgirls
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Spearmint Rhino
Crazy Horse III
Strip Clubs


The venues we offer with the V Card

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V Cards are required to be picked up at one of our two locations: V Theater Box Office or Saxe Theater, both located inside Planet Hollywood.

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